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Generate deidentified data to improve quality,

identify business trends, and improve, develop or update the platform.

Services and Features

istudi creates connections between educators, students, administrators and agents. It is backed up by an understanding, professional support team.  Istudi builds a mutually supportive learning community that everyone will appreciate.

Istudi’s innovative, cutting-edge design automates a range of activities. You can send notes to the student body or individual students. Send invoices, collect payments and assign revenue to appropriate budgets with istudi’s powerful cloud-based processing. Monitor attendance, engagement and progress in real time as students log in and access material, then conduct and grade assessments automatically with the in-built AI.

Istudi integrates every aspect of your operations. It unites your course design, student management, accounting and marketing in one convenient package. Let students enrol, access course material, submit assessments, interact with classmates and academics, review feedback, track progress and monitor attendance in one platform. istudi streamlines all your processes into a smooth flow. Trainers, administrators, students, agents, managers and accountants will appreciate the convenience.

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Istudi is your integrated management system to empower education. It’s your ideal all-in-one growth platform that benefits everyone:

  • Managers: Puts all you need for compliance at your fingertips.
  • Accountants: Never lose track of your invoices and payments.
  • Educators: Facilitates monitoring progress while slashing your paperwork.
  • Students: Find resources, assessments, grades and feedback all in one.
  • Administrators: streamlines and automates your processes.




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