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istudi is an innovative software system developed in Australia by a leading vocational education provider and software provider. Our mission is to stimulate educational institutions’ growth, innovation, and development through a range of tested technological solutions, support, and expertise.

Education is a crucial aspect of society. This inspires the istudi team to contribute positively to advancing education in Australia. Our goals are to be a key player in developing the education sector; and to provide you with high-quality cutting-edge resources consistently at a fair price.

We offer a lot more than just an operating system. istudi is a multi-campus, cloud-based enterprise resource planning solution. It is equally suitable for colleges, universities, TAFES, workplace training and schools. istudi offers education providers a fast, straightforward method to streamline their workflow. istudi is a ‘one stop shop’ for administration, marketing and CRM that integrates with Salesforce and satisfies Australian regulations with ease. istudi streamlines your management of students, courses and teaching staff. istudi aligns your whole organisation with your growth targets, automates your processes and puts you at the centre of student engagement.

Your passion is training, not paperwork. Therefore, istudi revolutionises student life from admissions to delivering course materials, attendance, and assessment results to graduation. Administrators, parents and students can monitor progress through mobile apps. Students can get instant feedback and teachers gain real-time insights for a smooth, productive learning experience. Save time and maximise efficiency so that you can focus on what really matters – teaching!

When you work with istudi, you have access to a trustworthy, professional team, who build lasting connections with you. We study your operations to develop the ideal all-encompassing solution that satisfies your needs and advances your business. We work with you intensively, to facilitate your programme development, design and implementation. We actively support you by developing consulting services, web apps like RTOManager and Workflows, as well as customised software, CRM platforms, and Enterprise Management Systems. istudi is committed to giving the guidance you need to be resilient and thrive.

istudi manages information from one convenient place. Students, teachers, lecturers and universities can all use istudi to network and share ideas, generate better grades and improve student experience. istudi gives students and providers easy, secure access to the course materials, feedback and data they need anytime, anywhere, laying the foundation for exceptional teaching, learning and decision making.

Build, run and grow your school the easy way. istudi is designed with you in mind. istudi is a flexible, feature rich system that saves you time and runs your institute simply, accurately and effectively. Get better insights with a flexible student management solution that understands growth from any angle. The only complete student management system on the market, istudi streamlines every aspect of your business.


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