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The Lions Institute.

“Our dream was to set up a learning community where everyone’s supporting each other. With istudi, we got that overnight. Students, trainers, admin staff, even agents get real-time updates on each other and supplies of whatever they need. Since we got istudi, everyone’s involved and helping each other. Everyone’s tooled up and satisfied.”

Sydney School of Business and Technology.

istudi is a great help to us. It stops us having to switch platforms for different process. istudi got all the admin hassles off the trainers’ necks. istudi took care of our red tape and compliance headaches. We just couldn’t get by without it!”

Roy Bahri, CEO.

Monaro Higher Education.

“istudi is so useful for us. It’s so easy for academics to upload learning materials and assessments. Students love how they can track their progress, get feedback and work together through the app. It’s really handy for admin staff to keep records without all the paperwork. It’s just an all-round winner!” 

Associate Professor Elaine Evans, Dean.




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