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ISTUDI is a software developed to provide students and education providers with easy access to all the needed detailed information to keep track all the processes that will not just give. Istudi is a ‘one stop shoppe’ for Student Administration, Marketing and CRM. istudy is multi campus, internet based solution for colleges and schools. Istudi streamlines your processes and positions you at the centre of student engagement throughout your entire recruitment process. Designed for single and multi-campus operation, it meets Australian regulations with ease. Istudi provides colleges with a complete, online ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution, which manages transactions and information from one convenient place. Istudi is a cloud-based ERP for colleges that provides businesses with a fast, easy, and expert method to streamline their workflow. Allow your college to operate in a more efficient and effective manner with istudy. ISTUDI is a newly established business with the mission of assisting educational institutions’ growth, innovation, and improvement through the provision of a range of tested technological solutions, support, and knowledge

As we impart our newly established business throughout Australia, that will empower universities, colleges, and other institutions. We will actively support this desirable outcome by developing consulting services, web apps like RTOManager, and Workflows, as well as customised software, CRM platforms, and Enterprise Management Systems (EMS). The ISTUDI Team defines education as a significant aspect of society. This inspires us to contribute positively to the advancement of education in Australia by being a key player in the development education sector and staying on the cutting edge of technology. We work hard to consistently provide high-quality solutions at a fair price so that our clients have the guidance and advantage they need to face adversity and thrive. In order to accomplish this, we provide ourselves with the most up-to-date digital tools, procedures, and technology, as well as the best and most experienced personnel, to ensure that we uphold our word and build lasting connections with you, our clients. The ISTUDI Team empowers educational institutions with significant outcomes. We confine a lot more than just an operating system. Our team focuses and studies your company’s operation to fully understand before developing the ideal all-encompassing solution that satisfies your needs and advances your company. We work with you intensively, to ensure a quality result for your investment without having difficulty in the programme development through the process of programme design and project implementation. When you work with ISTUDI Team, you have a trustworthy professional team. We want to make you spend your time on studying; not studying and tracking the progress. Istudi student management suite automates student life from start to finish and saves a lot of time for instructors, parents and students. ISTUDI is one of a leading higher education consultancy and software providers. Students, teachers, lecturers and the university community can all use istudy to network easily, share ideas, engage in dialogue, make decisions and take action. Access your student information and practical course advice, anytime and anywhere.

ISTUDI is a student management and compliance system that simplifies the way you manage your students, courses and teaching staff. Accept students registering online, manage their progress and reduce your work load. In the world of education, istudy creates student management solutions that aim to empower schools, administrators, parents and students alike to keep a finger on the pulse of student progress. Founded in 2004, we are headquartered in Adelaide, Australia and save time, get better grades and improve your overall student experience with istudi’s cloud-based student management system. It simplifies the process of managing students and maximizing potential, so you can focus on what really matters – learning! With Istudi you can easily manage your student life in a better way. Istudi’s mission is to deliver purpose-built, Web-based student information and management software for higher education. We help institutions share accurate information about each student quickly, easily and securely, providing the foundation for exceptional teaching, learning and decision makin. Student Management software that has everything you need to run your school; from Admissions and Financials to Student Information, Attendance and even Integration with Salesforce.
ISTUDI Student Management Software solution is easy to use on-premise software designed to effortlessly manage a complete educational institution. Instantly see students’ results and teachers’ marks. Monitor and activate potential students. Align your whole school on growth targets. Students get instant feedback on their work and teachers gain real-time insights for a smooth and productive learning experience. Build, run and grow your school the easy way. With everything you need to manage your students, teachers and finances Flexible, feature rich student and course management system with mobile apps. Our easy, flexible and adaptable student management software can help you save time and conduct student data more easily, accurately and effectively. The only complete student management system on the market, istudi software covers every single aspect of your business. Students are constantly changing, so get better insights with a flexible student management solution that understands growth from any angle Istudi, student management system for educational institutions is designed with your business in mind.
ISTUDI specializes in Information Technology training, offering accredited courses and certifications in the industry. Courses are accessible through traditional learning, distance learning and workplace delivery.

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